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2019 SGA Elections


Congratulations 2019-2020 Executive Officers & Senators!

President: Breanna Harmon

Vice President of Graduate & Professional Students: Michele Pancoast

Vice President of Undergraduate Students: Alexia Guzman


Cabinet Applications are open! Apply here. the application deadline has been extended until April 15th by 5pm.

Available positions include: Chief of Staff, Treasurer, Communications Chair, Appropriations Committee Chair, Appropriations Committee Member (undergraduate, graduate, professional), Secretary of Graduate & Professional Senate, Secretary of Undergraduate Senate, Chief Justice (undergraduate, graduate, professional), Associate Justice (undergraduate, graduate, professional)








Cabinet Elections

Applications Open: March 25th at 8am

Applications Close: April 5th at 5pm

Cabinet Interviews: April 8th - 15th


Service & Leadership Awards

Thursday, April 18th at 5pm

Commonwealth Ballrooms

University Student Commons


For more information, contact Elections Co-chairs:
Ashley Sakyi - Monroe Park Campus
Danielle Recupero - MCV Campus - Please use Elections 2019 in the subject line



Jenaé Harrington
Coordinator for Student Governance

2019 Candidates

Hanan Kourtu

Graduate & Professional Senator

Kimberly Fennell

Graduate & Professional Senator

I, Kimberly Fennell, wish to be a Senator of the Graduate & Professional Student Senate during the 2019-2020 school year. This position will be in conjunction with my appointment through the Department of Health Administration as the Co-Chair, with Robin Kelsey, of the Community Wellness Fair of 2020.

Robin Kelsey

Graduate & Professional Senator

I aim to be an active participant in the Student Government Association to advocate for my academic population at VCU, contribute to community efforts and facilitate the improvement of campus affairs. My passion for serving others fuels my decision to run for a Senator position to further champion student voices and enhance both student life on the VCU Campus and the well-being of the community around us.

Rabia Mirza

Graduate & Professional Senator

My name is Rabia Mirza and I am a grad II in the VCU occupational therapy program. I have also completed my undergraduate degree at VCU in psychology. Being a part of the VCU family for the past 5 years has really given me insight on student life, strengths and weaknesses at the university level, and challenges I am passionate about addressing. If I get elected as senator, some of the things I would push to get addressed are improving connections between MCV and Monroe Park campus students, providing more university-wide awareness of disability services and other resources and pushing for more evidence-based mental health activities during mid-term and finals weeks for students. I have worked with individuals with disabilities and with mental illness for the past 3 years, and see the value in addressing these weaknesses that are still present at the university level. As I was a pre-health student eager to learn more about various health care professions during my time in undergrad, I would also have found it beneficial to close the gap between the two campuses. I admire VCU for its inclusiveness, diversity, and abundance of resources readily available for their student body. I strongly believe that by honing in on the university's strengths, it can help address any areas for improvement. I hope you all will consider me for senator, as these challenges are near and dear to my heart, and I believe I have the skills and background necessary to complete this job well.

Colton Wolf


I wish to improve the culture, campus, and community of Virginia Commonwealth University through collaboration with the administration, other student organizations, and the student body at large. Through my leadership positions within the Greek Community I have been able to get a feel for what it's like to represent a vast number of people and ensure that their needs are met and their concerns are heard. I would strive to make our campus a safer, more inclusive, and equitable place. A place where students from all walks of life are represented and no stone is left unturned.

Hassen Hafiz


Hello Everyone! I am a rising senior here at VCU, I am a business major studying supply chain management. I have been in Student Government since freshman year, advocating for students to University Administration. I have a passion for Students and I love VCU. I have worked with parking & transportation, dining, housing, and admissions. I understand the inter-workings of these departments to maximize the services they provide us. One focus we will work on is improving financial aid as best we can, money should not be an obstacle in obtaining a quality education. We need to improve community within VCU, we need to support each other. Lastly, we would advocate for more Student Organization Funding! Student Organizations deserve more money to create a lasting impact on our campus. If elected, the first thing I would focus on is building our RAMily and fixing our money. Thank you for taking the time to read this, Go Rams!!

Thomas Alex Jorgensen


The President of SGA helps nurture the relationships between the student body as well as the faculty and administration here at VCU. I believe with my leadership experiences as well as involvement in various organizations across campus, that i have the necessary tools to help VCU become a place where everyone can enjoy the college experience as well as give back to the community that houses them during it.

Breanna Harmon


It would be my pleasure and privilege to serve as the VCU Student Government Association (SGA) President for the 2019-2020 school year. For the last three semesters, I have served as an undergraduate senator in SGA. Currently as an Undergraduate Senator and a member of the Student Life Committee, I work to improve the college experience for students and inform the student body of the resources that VCU has to offer. My interest in serving in SGA stems from my passion and desire to serve others. If given the opportunity to serve as President during the 2019-2020 school year, I pledge to be your advocate and liaison to the administration. I offer to you the experiences, skills and knowledge I have gained from various leadership roles to get the job done. I know that I will continue to be a valuable asset to SGA and my main focus will be to empower all VCU students.

Alexander Golding

Undergraduate Senator

Currently I am a Senator, a Student Involvement Ambassador, but most importantly a student. This past year I was given the opportunity to be a member of the VCU SGA, and it has been such a rewarding experience for me. I have been able to learn more about this school, and effectively vote on matters with all students in mind. If reelected I will continue to keep the best interest of the Student Body in my mind while voting on bills and resolutions that will effect the school. I will continue to be a strong voice for students who are in need of any help or have any concerns. I have been honored to have been apart of this, and hope you will choose to keep me as a Senator, Thank you.

Anna Zohore

Undergraduate Senator

Here to empower the students voices and build community~

Anthony Sledge

Undergraduate Senator

Hello Ramily. I am Anthony Sledge, a junior and Air Force veteran and I am running for the position of Senator in Student Government Association. I believe it is vital to form a visible and approachable representative body with a voice that will stand up for student rights, veterans, and enhance our community outreach. In September 2017, VCU SGA issued a bill to advocate and support VCU Dreamers even after the DREAM Act Bill was rescinded. Was your voice heard? Recently February 2019, Mayor Stoney asked for your input for the selection of the next Richmond Police Chief. Will your voice be heard? I will work to ensure that our student body is informed of proposed rules before they take effect and will have a voice in the decision-making process.

Ayanna Santana

Undergraduate Senator

I, Ayanna Santana, wish to be a voice for the student body. I want to create dialogue with University officials and the students so our concerns can be met and our grievances heard. I believe that the only way to fix the problems here on campus is by becoming apart of the campus system. I want to hear the concerns and translate those into tangible and successful outcomes. I believe in equity and equality, inclusion and diversity , and above all else the safety and happiness of all students that attend VCU.

Breanna Harmon

Undergraduate Senator

It would my pleasure and privilege to serve as an Undergraduate Senator in the Student Government Association (SGA) for the 2019-2020 school year. Currently as an Undergraduate Senator and a member of the Student Life Committee, I work to improve the college experience for students and inform the student body of the resources that VCU has to offer. My interest in serving in SGA stems from my passion and desire to serve others. If given the opportunity to serve during the 2019-2020 school year, I pledge to continue being your advocate and liaison to the administration. I bring to this position the skills and knowledge I have gained from various leadership roles, including my current position as Senator. I know that I will continue to be a valuable asset and a voice for the student body.

Demandre Colston

Undergraduate Senator

Hello, my name is Demandre Colston, I am a junior Biology major from Roanoke, Virginia and I am running for an Undergraduate Senator under the Student Government Association. As a member of the SGA, I hope to improve the quality of life on and off campus. I recently just transferred to VCU this school year and was previously involved with the Student Government Association where I was involved in implementing both a Men's and Women's Caucus. I want to work with the school administration in order to be the bridge connecting students to the administration and help students realize they can make a real difference. At my last school, the SGA actually gave students a voice for some changes that they would like to see on campus. Furthermore, I also want to continue with the campus police to make the campus safer for students in such an open environment. I look forward to representing all of the students to the best of my abilities if I were to be elected as the Undergraduate Senator for our school.

Dominique Simpson

Undergraduate Senator

I am running for the position of senator for VCU's Undergraduate SGA. The VCU student body is comprised of students frrom varying backgrounds. As a sentor my goal is to further VCU's goal of diversity and inclusion. I would do this by making sure all students feel their voices are being heard, and seeing active changes.

Gelila Gemechu

Undergraduate Senator

I am a current freshman at VCU and have been involved in SGA since my first semester. I consider myself to have the collaboration skills, intuition, and determination needed to represent the student population. By being a part of the Academic Affairs Committee once more, I believe that we could greatly improve student life by coordinating with the library, hosting events that students would benefit from, and addressing academic policies we see unfit. If given an opportunity to be engaged in SGA again, I would be glad to contribute my time and efforts in making the difference for the campus community.

Hailey Mack

Undergraduate Senator

It would be a pleasure to represent Virginia Commonwealth University not only as a student but as a Senator of the Student Government Association. I would be thrilled to participate in another year of empowering students and making a difference of VCU's campus. Being involved in SGA has unfolded many qualities of leadership, collaboration, and independent skills. SGA has brought so much knowledge during my first semester of college, and I believe I can learn so much more about making a difference to others while being in SGA. Please allow me to continue another year of implementing greatness for the students of Virginia Commonwealth University!

Jedszelle Baul

Undergraduate Senator

My mission as SGA Senator is to embrace the stories, values, and beliefs every VCU student has to offer and for all students to be represented not only in decisions I make and as a collective in SGA, but in the decisions VCU administration makes as well. Our university is built on diversity, but we have not yet reached inclusion. SGA is built on the idea of student involvement and having a voice in both Monroe Park and MCV campuses, and we have done a great job through our student-run organizations, but I want to ensure that everyone has that opportunity as we properly fund all of our student organizations for the short-term and beyond. Furthermore, our university has still not been exactly accountable nor feel responsible for the decades-long history of racism within VCU Medicine as well as past VCU yearbooks with racist photos that offend and dehumanize African-Americans, whom make up a good amount of the student and faculty population. There is still bias within this university, and I will make sure that not only SGA is held accountable for their actions, but as well as all of VCU’s top leaders. This is a time when full transparency is needed in order to create stronger connections between the student body and administration, and to right our wrongs as a university. We, as students, are not able to fully represent VCU with pride and respect without acknowledging the mistakes in our history’s past. And our students will not be able to feel welcome and be part of a community unless we maintain and expand the accessibility for our student-run organizations. However, I can and will be one of the many SGA senators to help lead the way to change. Our change. Our time. Right now.

Junaid Chaudhry

Undergraduate Senator

I want to support undergraduate students that are suffering through financial hardship, mental health, emotional health, and other obstacles VCU students face.

Maggie Nguyen

Undergraduate Senator

Hey guys my name is Maggie Nguyen, and I am running for undergraduate senator. I believe that my communication skills could serve as a voice for VCU. I was on my class board in high school (go WHS bulldogs) for two years, and I really enjoyed learning about leadership, and participating in different leadership events. I had the opportunity to attend the Virginia High School League (VHSL) Leadership Conference, and through that, I learned a lot about leadership. I also got to participate in a workshop with THE Ryan McElveen (current Fairfax County Member-At-Large) all about student leadership in Fairfax County. Senior year really tested my leadership abilities in that the class board was in charge of setting up important events such as prom, and graduation with little help from administration. Because the class board was responsible for those big events, it became really demanding on our schedules, but I think my ability to manage both school work and leadership makes me qualified for the position. I was also a senior captain of my cross-country team. Because of my leadership experiences and passion, I believe I would make a good candidate for undergraduate senator. If you want to win vote for me, Maggie Nguyen!!!

Mekdes Charles

Undergraduate Senator

Raelyn Davis

Undergraduate Senator

As a senator in SGA I strive to to uphold and respond to the demands and wishes of the Student Body we serve, including the appropriation of funds for student organizations.

Seerat Dhillon

Undergraduate Senator

Skylar Ries

Undergraduate Senator

I believe that diversity and inclusion is important at VCU. I want to help create activities for all students and make VCU a place that students want to be at.

Sofia Moghadaszadeh-Ahrabi

Undergraduate Senator

For a first-generation student, applying to college is full of undiscovered territory. Parents who never attended a university find themselves unable to help as they feel even more confused. Besides the lack of mentorship, first gens struggle with many other limitations, including stigma, and lack of student support services on campus. One important barrier which can cut their academic career short is financial stress. Statistically, first gens are likely to be from a low-income household, making college seem impossible. If a student does decide to apply, the Common App, FAFSA, fees and endless supplemental essays come together to form an obstacle course, one that first gens have to navigate blindly, without a mentor at their side. At the end of the stressful journey, the long-awaited envelope opens the door to even more questions, compounding anxiety of the future. Sadly, an acceptance letter is only the beginning of ambiguity, as first-generation undergraduate students are widely underrepresented in higher education, leaving them without adequate support. For me, TRIO was the guide I needed to find my way through my coursework, financial aid, etc.; they provided me with advice on all areas of student life, making college much more manageable. For this reason, I am applying to be in the Undergraduate Senate. I want to expand student support for underserved and underrepresented students, such as first-generation students. Existing policies should be expanded for inclusivity and new policies should be designed to solve long-standing issues affecting the minorities in the student body. Support is a vital factor of a first gen’s success. Often it determines a student’s experience at school, whether or not they stay in university and how many years it takes them to receive a degree. As a member of SGA, I hope to work with other undergraduate senators to make VCU a better place for thousands of other first-generation students.

Taylor Maloney

Undergraduate Senator

Udanth Mallasani

Undergraduate Senator

Over the past year, as both a senator and as chairman of the Senate Academic Affairs Committee, I have had the privilege of working with other senators to create academic programming as well as drafting several resolutions to both reform the SGA and address other issues across campus. Over the course of the next few months, I, along with other senators, will be talking to departments across VCU regarding protections for DREAMers, students affected by the shutdown, and students who may be mourning the loss of a loved one. Should I have the privilege of being re-elected, I would like to continue focusing on reform as well as students’ mental health as it pertains to academics. As a senator, I can assure you that I will take a stand against whatever problems any student faces on campus, and I hope to have the privilege to continue representing you, and the student body, in the SGA.

Daniel Cordero-Laske

Undergraduate Senator

If somebody has the means to turn passivity into action, it would be an irresponsibility to squander such opportunity. I haven't attended VCU for a long time; it's my second semester, and I've only lived in Virginia for a couple of years to begin with - but that hasn't stopped me from acclimating like there is a duty to uphold. I was voted into the advisory board for the Division for Health Sciences Diversity, and was elected Executive Chair of VCU's Acceleration Pre-Health community, while maintaining a presence as a delegate during meetings for SGA's Community Engagement committee. In the coming months, I'll be a mentor for VCU's chapter of Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation, and a student of ASPiRE. In the meantime, I will continue to represent the concerns of my communities as best as I can, because I've earned their trust, and it would be a shame to throw away a moment to improve. Being a member of SGA allows me to bridge not just the concerns of the niche communities, but of VCU's student body as a whole. If there is another avenue for connections as expansive, for an ambition as resolute, then allow them to do so; in the meantime, elect me as a senator for SGA.

Ahniaelyah Spraggs

Undergraduate Senator

Michele Olson Pancoast

VP of Graduate & Professional Students

I believe that all students deserve to have a voice in our community,  and I feel that the VCU SGA exists to serve all of us. My goal is to encourage creative solutions that allow us all to work together without sacrificing our professional, academic, and personal commitments.

Alexia Guzman

VP of Undergraduate Students

My name is Alexia Guzman and I want to be your SGA Undergraduate Vice President next year! I have been in SGA for two years and have learned so much from working with different departments such as VCU PD and VCU office of civic engagement all while growing exponentially as a leader. This year as Community Engagement Committee Chair(S/O to my amazing committee members), we have been able to plan events like the Big Event; which is a huge day of service focused on saying thank you to the residents of the VCU community. We have focused on Mental Health and Safety on Campus this year as well and next year I plan on continuing these initiatives to really ensure students all over campus know their resources around school regarding mental health and safety. A huge incentive I have for next year as well is to work close with the office of sustainability to provide more trashcans and recycling bins on VCU owned property. This inventive is in efforts to reduce the carbon footprints of students individually and as a campus on a broader level. Another branch of my platform that I would like to work on next year is making sure that VCU truly advocates and caters to the diverse student body we are. As a student government; we are the voices of the student body and I feel like it is crucial for us to stand for and represent students of all backgrounds and what they feel we need on campus. As a women of color, I know what it feels like to be oppressed and feel like you don't have a voice; my goal is to prevent any student from feeling like this in regards to dealing with any aspect our school. It is 2019 and we need proactive change which is what I want to be for SGA. Vote for me, Alexia Guzman!

Max Geoffroy

VP of Undergraduate Students

As the Vice President of SGA undergraduate students, I will assist the president of SGA in helping nurture the relationships between the student body as well as the faculty and administration here at VCU. I believe, with my leadership experiences as well as involvement in various organizations across campus, I have the tools to help VCU become a place where everyone can enjoy the college experience as well as give back to the city that houses them during it.