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Executive Branch

The Executive Branch is led by the President and contains the Vice Presidents of Student Life, Social Affairs, and Philanthropy along with the Treasurer, Secretary, and Chair of the VCU Wellness Block Party (formerly called the VCU Health Fair). The Executive Branch serves as the figurehead and spokespeople for the MCV Campus Student Body and are the primary liaison between the MCV Campus Student Body and the University administration. The Executive officers meet monthly to set the agenda for the Senate meeting (see Legislative Branch).

Executive Branch Positions

The President leads the Executive Branch and is the primary spokesperson and liaison for the MCV Campus Student Body.

The Vice President of Student Life has two main responsibilities including planning study breaks and creating a student life survey. Their duty is to communicate students' thoughts and ideas to the administration with the end goal of enhancing learning and improving student life. This includes any problems students may have regarding the facilities, housing, dining, parking, and transportation so we encourage anyone with questions of any kind to feel free to reach out to the VP of Student Life so that they may either help you with your problem directly or bring it to the attention of someone who is better suited to help.

The Vice President of Social Affairs is responsible for planning social events, including meet-and-greets for MCV students. The largest responsibility of this position is planning the annual winter ball, which encompasses decorations, food, venue, security and entertainment.

The Vice President of Philanthropy oversees community service projects on the MCV Campus, including a Thanksgiving canned food drive, holiday gift drive, and several blood drives throughout the year.

The Health Fair Chair oversees the VCU Wellness Block Party (formerly the VCU Health Fair). This student-organized and volunteer-run events has severed Richmond, VA residents for 10 years, bringing together education groups, clinicians, and other community resources to promote health and wellbeing.

The Treasurer oversees the MCV Campus SGA’s budget and all funding requests from student organizations. Please click on the "Funding Requests" link for more information. The Secretary records minutes for all meetings, including executive and Senate meetings.

Legislative Branch

The Legislative Branch of the MCV Campus SGA is more popularly called the General Body or the Senate. It is composed of student representatives from the Schools of Allied Health, Dentistry, Medicine, Nursing, and Pharmacy. All representatives are elected by their classmates from their respective schools. Representatives are expected to attend all general body meetings and to seek feedback, specifically student concerns, from their fellow classmates. Representatives regularly vote on funding requests at the monthly general body meeting.

Judicial Brnach 

Led by the Chief Justice and Deputy Chief Justice, the Judicial Branch is composed of the Judicial Committee of Associate Justices and its Judicial Aides. The responsibilities of the Judicial branch include handling elections violations and grievances, guiding legal interpretations, leading impeachment investigations and student organization mediations, coordinating internal Senate elections, serving as a liaison between the VCU Honor Council and the SGA, and keeping records of constitutional amendments. Have a concern or grievance to report? Contact the Judicial with the SGA Judicial Brief!


The MCV SGA has not passed any resolutions yet this year.

Funding Requests

Currently, all student organization funding has been allocated for the 2016-2017 academic year. No further funding requests may be approved at this time.