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Funding Requests

As the merger of the Monroe Park and MCV Campus Student Government Associations (SGAs) has been approved, we are restructuring the funding request process for student organizations.
"Here is a PDF outlining the new funding structure. Read below for further information."

 For Fall 2017, student organization funding will remain largely consistent with what organizations are used to. Monroe Park Campus student organizations will apply for funding via grant requests by September 1, 2017 at 11:59 PM for any requests occurring before or in December 2017 here. MCV Campus student organizations will have a rolling deadline and will need to submit requests by November 15 via the paperwork found here.

Starting this Fall 2017, an Appropriations Board comprised of undergraduate, graduate, and professional students will approve or deny requests based on the current guidelines for either campus. Funds available on both campuses will be capped at 45% of the SGA’s appropriations budget to ensure funds remain for Spring 2018. (This actual number will be disclosed in August 2017 once the budget has been projected.)

Starting in Spring 2018, a new funding request model will begin. The Bylaws for this funding model can be accessed here. These bylaws must be approved by the VCU SGA Legislative Body in Fall 2017. 

Under the proposed model, the VCU SGA will recognize three funding periods: Fall, Spring, and Summer. Student organizations will be asked to submit budgets for each funding period. The Appropriations Board will approve or deny the budgets by the start of the funding period. The deadline for the spring funding period will be October 1. The deadline for the summer funding period will be March 1. And the deadline for the fall funding period will be April 1.

Budget requests for spring 2018 will be due on October 1, 2017 by 11:59 PM. An example budget can be found here.

Submitted budgets may encompass items that fall under one of three categories: programming, travel, and operational funds. Programming funds may be used for events, including fundraising events; facility rentals; skilled and contracted services; and food and supplies. Travel funds may be used to send members to conferences, retreats, and other activities. Operational funds may be used by an organization for regularly used equipment; office supplies; publicity and marketing (for the organization, not a specific program); and awards and prizes for organization members.

Requested budgets must be submitted by the funding period deadline (October 1, March 1, and April 1). Funds for undergraduate versus graduate and professional student organizations will be separated since these students pay separate Student Activity Fee amounts. Funds will be further distributed between the three funding periods with the bulk of funds available during the Fall and Spring funding periods.

For the Fall and Spring funding periods, funds will be further specified as immediate allocation and miscellaneous allocation. All budget requests submitted by the funding period deadlines will be funded from the immediate allocation funds. Miscellaneous allocation funds are reserved for organizations that are formed after a funding period deadline has passed or for organizations that can demonstrate a need for funding that was neither present, conceivable, or existent by the funding period deadline. To request such funds, the need must be demonstrable and justifiable and be deemed such at the discretion of the Appropriations Board.

Funds for the Summer Funding Period will only be specified for immediate allocation. No miscellaneous allocation will occur for summer programming. Any additional funds left over will be pooled into the VCU SGA Rollover Account.

As is currently the case, student organizations that wish to submit budget requests must be registered at VCU on RamsConnect.

The details for the new funding request model are further described in the proposed Bylaws found here. These bylaws are subject to change. We welcome feedback.

We will be holding several info sessions on:

-Wednesday, April 12, at 6:30 PM in the Court End Ballrooms of Larrick Student Center (immediately following the MCV Campus SGA senate meeting)

-Monday, April 24, at 12 PM in the Jackson Ward Room of Larrick Student Center

-Monday, April 24, at 5:30 PM in the Forum Room (immediately following the Monroe Park Campus SGA senate meeting)

More details will be made available by August 2017. In the meantime, you may reach out to the SGA with questions or concerns at

Sample Budget

Undergraduate Student Organization Funding Requests for Fall 2017

Graduate and Professional Student Organization Funding Requests for Fall 2017