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2017 Presidential Election Results

VCU Vice President and Senators

Important Dates
March 2017
  • 16 - MANDATORY All candidates meeting with committee co-chairs and SGA advisor, noon, MPC SGA office in the University Student Commons
  • 16 - MANDATORY All candidates meeting with committee co-chairs and SGA advisor, 7 p.m., MCV Campus, Hunton Student Center
  • 20 - Campus campaigning, noon
  • 20 - Vice Presidential election application due, Noon
  • 20 - Introduction and Welcome at SGA Senate Meeting, 4 p.m., Forum Room, University Student Commons
  • 22 - Introduction and Welcome at SGA Senate Meeting, 5 p.m., Court End Ballroom, Larrick Student Center
  • 22 - Speeches at SGA Senate Meeting, 5:30 p.m., Court End Ballroom, Larrick Student Center
  • 22 - Candidate Open Forum, 7 p.m., Court End Ballroom, Larrick Student Center
  • 27 - Speeches at SGA Senate Meeting, 4 p.m., Forum Room, University Student Commons
  • 3 - Electronic Elections begin, 9 a.m.
  • 3 - Campus campaigning ends at 11:59 p.m.
  • 5 - Electronic Elections end, 11:59 p.m.
  • 10 - Election Results Announcement, Noon, Monroe Park and MCV Campus SGA Office and the SGA website
  • 27 - SGA Officer Inauguration at the SGA Awards Ceremony, 6 p.m., Commonwealth Ballroom, University Student Commons

Presidential Candidate Election Packet .docx | .pdf

Vice Presidential Candidate Election Packet

Senator Candidate Election Packet


Kanisha Fahie
Elections Commission Co-chair
Monroe Park Campus

Shawn Hakim
Elections Commission Co-chair
MCV Campus

LaDarius Thompson
SGA Advisor

2017 Candidates

Keith Zirkle
Keith Zirkle, Vice President for Graduate and Professional Students, Graduate

Having overseen the SGAs’ merger, I am running to continue VCU SGA’s success, secure easier funding for organizations, and ensure the SGA serves the entire student body while recognizing campus-specific concerns. My experience comes from being MCV SGA president 2015-2016 and working with both campuses to form the new SGA.

Samuel Ahmed
Samuel Ahmed, Senator, Sophomore

I am a well-rounded candidate through my relationships on campus. My VCU experience is comprised of my involvement in: Advisory Groups, ELP, Fraternity & Sorority Life, RHA, and SGA. I identify myself a servant leader and plan to create a backbone to offer more ways to get involved on campus.

Chandler Iley
Chandler Iley, Senator, Junior

Join the famILEY by voting for me Chandler Iley!

Samuel Small
Samuel Small, Senator, Junior

We need to continue to push for change here at VCU that will allow all students to achieve success. If elected, I will make sure that all students will have access to funding from the SGA. I pledge to give all students a voice in student government.

Kristina Brandveen
Kristina Brandveen, Senator, Junior

Hello VCU! My name is Kristina Brandveen and I wish become an SGA senator! I believe I have a diverse educational and leadership background that could be of use to the Student Government Association on the Monroe Park Campus. As a double major and someone who juggles two jobs, I know it can be hard to balance studying and extracurricular activities. I, like many of you, are concerned about my future and where I hope to be one day. I believe VCU SGA will give me great marketable skills and will also help me to grow as a student. I hope to help enact change on campus that can benefit every student positively whether they are International or a transfer student. I am a very determined individual and you should know that I am very attentive to things that matter the most to my fellow students. Thank you and GO RAMS!

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Jad Elahmad, Senator, Sophomore

As a transfer student and a commuter, most people do not see us having as a large impact on the VCU community. Well, my name is Jad Elahmad and I would be honored to serve the VCU community. Hardworking, community builder, and also just being a great listener are just some of the traits that makes me unique among my peers. So go out there and vote Jad Elahmad for Senator of the SGA, so we can make a change.

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Sahar Ghamary, Senator, Sophomore

If elected, I would use my leadership and initiative skills to address and resolve issues that affect students most, bridge the relationship between students and faculty, and seek to empower the voice of all students.

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Cameron Luster, Senator, Sophomore

I currently volunteer with the VA League of Conservation Voters, which works to protect the environment through politics. This is my first year at VCU, and I am interested in being a Senator to solve campus issues for future Rams. Please vote for me because I have three years to help the VCU community!

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Jenna Pham, Senator, Professional

My name is Jenna Pham, a second year student at the VCU School of Pharmacy and I am honored to be running for Senator of SGA. I have previously served as senator for 3 years during my time as a VCU undergraduate student that allowed me to serve on the Academic Affairs committee to enact the 24 hour library and host many other exciting events for the student body. I know we can continue to do great things and I want to help make this next year a memorable one.

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Usman Mahmood, Senator, Professional

Hi my name is Usman Mahmood and I am running to represent the School of Pharmacy in the student body senate. I am currently a second year pharmacy student and serve on the curriculum committee as class representative. With the merger in the SGA, I hope to give graduate students more of a voice in the Student Government.

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Logan Hatchet, Senator, Sophomore

Vote for me, because I understand that by holding the position of a senator on the Monroe Park Campus, I will be the voice of VCU's student body and going into my second year of SGA, I want to ensure that the 2017-2018 academic year is the best one yet!

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Ashley Sakyi, Senator, Sophomore

Being a student it just one part of my life here on campus, but my passion is serving the student body. Helping to make the VCU dream real for all students here at the university creating the most diverse and inclusive university, one university with one harmony. Thank You

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Shawn Stuckey, Senator, Junior

Virginia Commonwealth University is a melting pot of different cultures, identities, intelligence, and various other facets, that through my tenure here, I have come to interact with. If appointed to this position once more, I will continue to represent the VCU student body with the utmost dignity and respect.

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Aime Sankoh, Senator, Sophomore

As a senator, I want to help the student body realize the power they have to change things around campus that aren't working for students anymore. As a senator, I want to help make the student body more aware of how they can make a change on campus.

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Shontrice Barnes, Senator, Sophomore

I'm Shontrice Barnes and I'm a rising junior majoring in Political Science with a concentration in Civil Rights and a double minor in African American Studies and Gender, Sexuality, and Women's studies. I am extremely passionate about helping others and making sure that all voices are heard. I love SGA because it allows me the ability to help others by listening to their concerns and working hard to find a solution for them. I enjoy Netflix, twitter, and late night trips to Cookout. I'm very friendly and always down to have a conversation about student concerns. Vote for me for SGA senator!

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Taylor Jones, Senator, Junior

My name is Taylor Jones I am a junior majoring in Criminal Justice with a minor in Homeland Security. I belong to multiple organizations on Virginia Commonwealth University’s campus one being the Student Government Association. I served as a senator in the external affairs committee this previous school year and would like to continue my journey within SGA. I want to be your VCU SGA Senator because I am full of ideas and I know that there are many other students that have great ideas and I want to try and get students involved as much as possible so that their voice and ideas can be shared through me. I am a very hard worker and I am always looking for ways to be a part of the student life throughout VCU’s campus. Instead of being in the background I'd much rather be directly involved and get a chance to bring ideas to SGA. Every vote counts, so please vote for me to be your VCU SGA Senator!

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Jordan Glisan, Senator, Sophomore

I should be one of One SGA's newly elected Senators because I want everyone to enjoy their experience here at VCU. I will continue to work toward a safer campus, as well as a campus where we, the student, are heard and taken seriously. With current efforts such as expanding the RamSafe radius and improving counseling services, I feel that I have the passion and dedication to help bring you an SGA that cares.

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Justin Battle, Senator, Junior

My name is Justin Battle. I am a junior majoring in psychology. I belong to two other organizations on Virginia Commonwealth University's’ campus, which include Sweeterman Society and NAACP. I am the current social chair for Sweeterman Society. I want to be your VCU SGA Senator because I realize that students face different problems on campus, therefore I will use my power given as a senator to make sure that the voices of students at VCU are heard. I am a dedicated and hardworking student that enjoys talking and getting to know numerous people. I think communication and being hands on is very important when trying to make a change therefore, I will use my voice and my creativeness while trying to accommodate the needs of the students here at VCU. I will not let you down, so please vote for me to be your VCU SGA Senator

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Will Garnett, Senator, Senior

Vote for me. I am experienced, prepared, committed and hardworking. Vote for Me.

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Maria Sanchez, Senator, Junior

I have a strong dedication for the Student Government Association at VCU. I will be going on my fourth year serving on the Appropriations Committee, holding two officer positions. I am currently holding a Senator position and am looking to bring reform within VCU Dining Services and VCU Residential Life and Housing. As a future educator, I would like for all my peers at VCU to have the best experience they possibly can while pursuing a degree at this amazing institution.

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Alyssa Kanarr, Senator, Sophomore

My name is Alyssa Kanarr, I am a sophomore here at VCU. I will be a dedicated, open minded, and cooperative Senator who will listen to your concerns and work to make VCU an even better place by never accepting defeat and going the extra mile every day. GO RAMS!

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Sherif Elnakhal, Senator, Junior

I, Sherif Elnakhal, annouce my candidcay for SGA Senate once again. Serving in SGA at VCU and other schools in the past, I hope to be chosen to serve the VCU community once more.

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Christopher Oltorik, Senator, Sophomore

My name is Christopher Oltorik. I'm running for a second term in Senate. I am always open to ideas and feedback and am eager to help voice suggestions to student government. A vote for me is a vote for you!

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Naana Nyarko-Asante, Senator, Sophomore

I want to run as senator because I want to make a change at VCU. I want my school to be the best it can be. If I am re-elected as a Senator I will make sure to get more student concerns heard and also make VCU SGA well known on campus.

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Hassen Hafiz, Senator, Freshmen

Hi my name is Hassen Hafiz and I am running for SGA Senate. I am currently Community Council President of my residence hall, Cary and Belvidere and I serve as the Entertainment Coordinator for APB. I am a Business and Political Science major that loves Netflix and Taco Bell. I want to make a difference on campus. Please vote for me to help improve campus life.

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April Henry, Senator, Junior

Hello, my name is April Henry and I am currently a Senator and Chair of the Student Life Committee in SGA. My passions include taking multiple naps in a day, eating, and craving ice cream. Being a part of SGA has given me the great opportunity of working alongside administrators to advocate for my fellow peers. Please vote for me to continue being a voice for the student body and bridge the gap between students and administrators.

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Collin Ruth, Senator, Sophomore

I look forward to running for the office of Senate for another year. As a Senator it is my duty to best serve the needs of the student body. I will continue to grow and develop as an officeholder and utilize the tools at my disposal to serve the student body.

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Forrest Givens, Senator, Junior

To form a perfect Student Government, I Forrest Givens pledge to serve as a vehicle for change. Not only for the CU community, but for the student body.