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Student Government Association Student Government Association Student Government Association Student Government Association


It is the mission of the VCU Student Government Association (SGA) to uphold and respond to the concerns and desires of the student body they serve and represent those issues to the university administration.


The Student Government Association (SGA) works to promote student involvement and actively seek out and represent student opinions by not only working with students but also by ensuring student presence on committees and councils around the University. Additionally, VCU SGA is responsible for appropriating money from the Student Activity Fee to student organizations. Have a student concern? Email us at


The Student Government Association for Virginia Commonwealth University is the governing body presiding over both the Monroe Park and MCV Campuses located in the metropolitan area of Richmond, VA. On June 1, 2017, both the Monroe Park and MCV campuses merged to create one unified Student Government Association.  

Executive Board

VCU SGA is led by four dedicated individuals for the 2017-2018 academic year.

Destinee Morgane
Destinee' Moragne


Major: Accounting
Class: Undergraduate, Senior

James McPaul
James McPaul

Vice President of Undergraduate Students

Major: Finance
Class: Undergraduate, Senior

Keith Zirkle
Keith Zirkle

Vice President of Graduate and Professional Students

Degree: PhD, Biostatistics
Class: Graduate Student

LaDarius Thompson
LaDarius Thompson